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Hallo! Ab Anfang Mai werde ich mich wieder regelmäßig melden.


Habt ihr eigentlich gemerkt, dass ihr die Bilder anklicken könnt? 


Es gibt seit Jahren die Tradition der Bordhymne und die ist "Das Narrenschiff" von Reinhard May. das wird nun ergänz in Norwegen durch Kari Brennes "Coastal Trip" und "Song to a town" von der CD Norwegian Mood. Also nehmt teil und hört euch das einmal an.

This morning I had a little mini burnout and I thought I really needed to take the pressure off. Then I slept for the morning and had a good breakfast, and the world looked different again. Since I'll have to fight the south-westerly wind in the next few days anyway, I thought I'd head out at 2pm, as there's a nice anchorage 5 miles from here. Of course, it's against the wind and there's a shitty wave, but it doesn't matter. 1 - 2 hours and then I've made it at least a little way. So it's all about taking the pressure off. Mooring on the rock with astern anchor is always pretty stupid on its own, but it worked out reasonably well. Once there, I fried broccoli with noodles - great. And then the shore leave and a thought came up. When a Norwegian greeted me with the words: Now you have arrived in paradise, the thought was clear - today my journey begins! So far it has been a ferry trip. These islands are so incredibly beautiful. There is the fairytale forest again. Some may ask how you can recognise a fairytale forest. I have found out how to do it very easily. You see the fairytale forest and recognise it immediately. But when you take a photo of it, you can't see it in the photo. And I think I even saw my first troll - just maybe the tip of a tail - I'm not quite sure...
Let's see what pictures I show you




I got up at 3 o'clock yesterday and left the harbour in the dark. After 17 hours, 85 nautical miles across the Skagerak, I found a jetty 4 nautical miles south of Arnedal. At first there was no wind for a long time, then only very light and I was worried whether I would be able to arrive before the stormy wind that was forecast for the night. Fortunately, the wind freshened up to 6 Beaufort from 2 p.m. onwards and I was able to reach 10 knots on the wave, unrigged? (ausgebaumt) and with a bullstander? in surfs. The approach to the coast was exciting in the high rising seas and I was very happy when I had moored the boat firmly. Norway greeted me with rain and stormy winds today. Addendum to Skagen: I have never seen such enormously large fishing trawlers. I also took a selfie. Denmark would not be my sailing area, hardly any anchorages, expensive mooring fees and it smells like rotten seaweed everywhere.



Einmal quer durch das Skagerrak, 85 sm 3 Uhr aufgestanden. 

Und zur Feier der Ankunft haben gleich 3 ganz besondere Menschen in den Blog geschrieben,  ermutigt mich sehr weiter zu machen i

Ihr werdet nicht glauben was es heute bei mir zu abend gab  Ravioli aus der Dose 

Bin heute über das Skagerrak Schlachtfeld gefahren, mein grossvater war auf der sms von der tann, den 2.Weltkrieg hat er auch überlebt. 

Und ab morgen wieder in Farbe und in Bildern and in english 

Hallo Winfried,
vorgestern hat es bei uns an der Ostseeküste sehr gestürmt wie sich das wohl an Bord anfühlt? Du hast schon so ne orangene Weste- oder?
Pass auf Dich auf!
Liebe Grüße

Nein, eine orangene Weste habe ich noch nicht, wozu ist die gut.?


Last harbour in the baltic sea.

super- du kommst echt gut voran -

super- du kommst echt gut voran -

... wie sehr ich dich bewundere und schätze! Weiterhin eine gute Fahrt. Ich "verfolge" dich bleibend interessiert.

Lieber Jürgen, 

Manchmal ist das ganz schön einsam unterwegs und ich frage mich was machst du hier überhaupt, dann gibt es Zeiten da genieße ich einfach z, B, jeden Tag etwas neues zu sehen, und das Segeln und das Meer genieße ich fast immer besonders. Ich empfinde es immer ganz besonders wenn Freunde mir schreiben, das passiert nicht nur hier, aber es zeigt mir, dass ich nicht alleine bin. Sehr liebe grüße 

After 45 nm I arrived on the island of Laesö. Visibility was very poor today. Laesö is still a real fishing harbour. Today it's blowing with 6 Beaufort, I'd have to go hard into the wind to make the 30 nautical miles to Skagen, that's getting too hard for me. Let's see, maybe the wind will drop a little in the afternoon.

1000 km under sail!
I turned through the Falsterbo Canal south of Malmö into the Öresund, through the Öresund Bridge and onto the island of Ven just before Elsinore (Helsingör). Unfortunately, the wind went to sleep at 2pm, but the current still took me well with 2 knots. When the wind picked up again, I should have continued to Elsinore, but the island of Ven was too inviting to sail past - very pretty! (64 nm) In Elsinore Castle, Shakesbear plays his Hamlet. Today I sailed from Ven to the island of Anholt in the middle of the Kattegat (65 nm). The wind was from astern and it was a pleasure to sail all day.

Hej do sverige!

I arrived in Smygehamn, the most southern point in scandinavia. So I have been to the northern and southernmost harbour in sweden. There was almost no wind today.  I coul make 10 miles under spinnacker and 7 miles on engine. So, tomorrow I turn to the north!

Wonderful sailing on an almost summer day. After 35 nautical miles and 5 tacks I am in Ystad and greet everyone from Wallander. The small towns here in the south are actually very nice, especially Ystad. On my way here I wanted to see the "Ales Stenar" and considered making a stop, which I discarded. However, I was lucky enough to spot this ship settlement from the time of the Vikings on the cliff. It is over 60 metres long and the largest in Scandinavia. You will only be able to guess at it from the pictures.
At the request of our readers, here are two selfies of Winfried at sea and ready for shore leave.
Tomorrow we'll continue around Scandinavia's Cape Horn and then finally head north. the winds seem favourable for the next few days.

I know how to turn it, but it's too much work for me right now.


I am blown in. 7 Beaufort West. I hate it.

After 51 nm I landed in Simrishamn. Again, the day was not as expected. Unfortunately, the wind was not from the west as expected, but from the southwest, which is why I had to cross again. Unfortunately, it fell asleep completely around 2 p.m. and I had to use the engine. Then came the squalls, which bring strong winds every now and then, but ultimately cause more stress than they bring forward. I show a few pictures, which I comment in German

Hier zunächst ein Bild von der "schwarzen See" 

Das nächste zeigt die Situation vor der Schauerboe ind der mit viel regen und Wind zu rechnen ist. 3 haben mich heute erwischt. EDas dauert etwa 30 min dann sieht man die Sache von hinten, oft mit diesen schönen Regenbogen, während im Westen der Himmel schon wieder klar und sonnig ist. 30 Minuten, Regenkleidung anziehen, Segel reffen, abwettern, nass werden, und wieder Segel setzen. Wie gesagt, das ganze heute drei mal.


Today there was just too much wind. Above all, I missed the 6.5 nautical miles I wanted to make yesterday in the direction of the west. They would have given me the decisive, slightly better angle to the wind. So today it was just too hard on the wind at 7 Beaufort and I turned around. In the end, I sailed 22 nautical miles and made up 7.5 to the west.


Greetings to Wallander if you see him?
Btw, I think there are too less selfies on this site...

Hi Fredrik,

I will do my very best.

At 5.45 I sailed with the westerly wind to the southwest. Unfortunately, it already shifted to southwest at 9.00 a.m., so that I had to turn to south-southeast, as expected. The next time the wind shifted to the south, I was lucky enough to reach the southern tip of the mainland after a tack (45 nm). After that, I finally headed west at high speed, right into a rain squall. I had trouble recovering both sails in time and turning north through the shallows. Here I found good and calm anchorage ground in Saltärna (14 nm north-east of the island of Hanö) after 68 nm. Today's goal was to get me into a good starting position for the strong westerly wind tomorrow. I almost succeeded.

Hallo Winfried,
schön deine Bilder zu sehn! Und der Frühling ist noch nicht so weit fortgeschritten- es gibt noch Osterglocken.....
Ich hoffe es geht Dir gut und Du kannst deine Reise geniesen! ;)
LG nicht in englisch Linda

As I stayed one day longer, I missed the North Wind, as expected. The organ concert was worth it, I really liked a contemporary composer. The forecast for today was for a strong wind of 6-7 Beaufort from the south from 1 p.m. and 8 Beaufort for the late afternoon. There was no point in cruising any more. So I left early at 6.00 am to at least get to Morbylanga, the next harbour. It's quiet and cosy here and I have everything I need, including a cold shower if necessary. At least they haven't collected yet. Tomorrow the wind is forecast to blow from the south again with up to 7 Beaufort, so I won't even set sail. I have already done a few things on board today and will optimise the heating tomorrow.


Kalmar Kathedrale
Kalmar Schloss

In the last two days I sailed 99 nm to Kalmar. I cooked during the trip, too, because the pot holders make it possible. The night before last was probably one of the last opportunities to moor in a natural harbour. From now on it will almost always be harbours and you have to pay for them. Besides, it's usually not idyllic at all. There are only a few anchorages left in Hanö Bay. Last night I had the pleasure of bursting into a jazz concert in the basilica - saxophone and organ. Today there will be another organ concert with Bach and Händel, so I'm staying an extra day. The basilica or cathedral is baroque. But if you know Upper Swabian baroque, it's probably more like "Baröckchen".


so idyllisch - vow

Once again I am moored at a "Jungfruskär" which is the most common name for an Iland. After only 34 nm. In the morning it was pleasantly warm, but at sea the wind was cold from the open sea. In the evening it shifted and came warm from land. When I went ashore, I started sweating so much that I thought about taking my first bath - but the water temperature was 6 degrees.


After not setting foot on land for three days, I went for an 8 km walk on Öja yesterday morning. Öja is the southernmost island of the Stockholm archipelago. It was a restricted area until the end of the Cold War because of the nuclear weapons safe bunkers. Only the few inhabitants, mostly fishermen and military personnel, were allowed on the island. Life must have been very special, they tell me. The old Kahr for transporting cattle is obviously no longer in use. I don't know if people here believe in the labyrinths, their meaning has not been handed down. However, they appear all over the world, especially at fishing spots, and they are most often seen in Sweden.
Then, with a light south-easterly wind, we set off on a south-westerly course directly towards the pearl of the St. Anna archipelago - Harstena. A picture-book island with the best anchorages and a picturesque village. In the evening, however, the wind was quite strong and I arrived here frozen through. Only savoy cabbage left to cook, eat and go to bed.



my best friend on board, the wind vane does its job in all conditions
my best friend on board, the wind vane does its job in all conditions

Anchor at 6.45. The wind is favourable, I want to eat miles. In fact, it turns out better than expected. Half wind 5 - 6 Beaufort, 6-8 knots speed. Exhausting in parts in the archipelago. I want to go to Hävringe, because I can still make some use of the south wind there tomorrow. But unfortunately the wind falls asleep at the southern tip of Öja. Still 19 miles to Hävringe. So I return to the harbour of Öja after 55 nautical miles. The next few days the wind is southerly, it will be difficult to make progress.


I startet 6.45 in the morning and went southwest. At 1.00 pm I had to make a break because the wind was to strong and from the wrong direction. So I had lunch and a nap and left the bay at 5 pm. I arrived 7.45 in the bay of Korsö some miles south of Möja in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago after 35 nm. I was laying before  ancker. It was a wonderfull and very narrow approach.


Tomorrow I should have the wind from North, so I plan to get up urly and make miles south teh whole day.


Hi Winfried,
Good to have you back on sailing. I wish you the best trip ever - Norway will become reality this time.
Looking forward to keep enjoying your news and pictures

Dear friends,

I try to write my blog in english this year. Maybe it gets a bit more international like this. I think that could be interisting for all of us. Unfortionatly my english is not too good - you should excuse that - or maybe correkt me. 

I am looking foreward to your comments in any language I understand.

If someone has problems to understand please tell me. 

Today I startet may sailing trip at 6 am in Östhammar. It was a sunny day but in the max 12 degrees. There was light winds but from the right direction. So I went throu the Väddö Canal to Kapellskär - 43 nautical miles (nm) which is about 80 km. In former times the Väddö Canal used to be a natural canal, but due to the landrising, which is about 7 milimeters per year boats couldn`t pas it any longer. So it was dredged out and ships could pass it again. Of course only small boats and nowerdays its only for pleasure boats, but realy beautifull (you can find pictures in the last year blog. 

The landrising in scandinavia startet after the last ice age about 12000 years ago (as far as I remember) when the ice melted  which was up to 3 kilometers thick - like in Greenland today. In total the land raised 275 m since today (in the region of Höga Kusten). This ist the highest landrising in the world

Kapellskär lies in the entrance to the Stockholm archipelago and many ferries pas by.

Here a picture from my todays ancorage and an impression on the way:


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